Artist, Author, Permaculturalist, Educator, Student, Consultant,
and Advocate for a Regenerative Way of Living.

Scott SteedleyScott Steedley is, among other things, an artist and conservationist using his art to explore archetypes and symbols in the collective unconscious. His art is also a means of self-portraiture, allowing individuals to express their individual complexes and form relations with archetypes.

In addition to his work as an artist, philosopher and permaculturalist, Steedley has a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from College of Charleston.

His book "Rain Down Rise Up" contains the statement "HUMAN NATURE IS MORE POTENT THAN THE LAW," which suggests he believes in the power of human nature to shape society and culture more than laws that govern them.

Overall, Steedley's work is focused on exploring human experiences, symbols and archetypes shaping our lives. He uses art, nature and philosophy to encourage self-expression, creativity, and personal growth.

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