by Scott Steedley


Screenplay - Copyright 1999

A screenplay about an individual/landscaper who finds himself sliding between the world of dreams and reality where separation between the two seemingly disappears. He meets interesting and puzzling people along his daily route who often aren't what they appear to be.

Searching inside himself, he finds direct connection to Christ Consciousness and a place of peace within a world full of challenges, hidden agendas and beauty.

Reflections Upon A Sunny Day- Autobiography of Fred H. Kornahrens III-Screenplay for Cinema

Screenplay - Copyright 1999

A screenplay for cinema based on manuscripts of Fred H. Kornahrens III wrote while residing on Death Row during the years before his execution. Fred H. Kornahrens III is one of few ever to escape from prison while on death row.

His revealing autobiography recounts his life before and after his famous flight from justice and takes place within the stunning natural beauty of South Carolina’s lowcountry.

Reflections Upon A Sunny Day Title ID: 7757117 ISBN-13: 978-0692991008

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