Scott Steedley's Manifesto

In a world yearning for healthier life models and seeking authentic connections with nature, I find myself driven by the passion to intertwine realms of creativity and sustainable living. As an author, artist, permaculture advocate, landowner, and conservationist, I stand at the forefront of a movement to promote the profound union between humanity and the natural world.

Through International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS, Inc.), and Abundant Immersion Retreats (AIR) we collaboratively craft Permaculture Learning Centers and Event spaces, fostering a regenerative business to empower individuals in exploring practical, creative methods for fulfilling basic needs while nurturing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We envision a world where human ingenuity merges seamlessly with ecological wisdom, creating a symbiotic relationship honoring the delicate balance of our planet. By minimizing the use of outsourced products, we aim to enable communities to meet their needs locally, reducing environmental impact and embracing a more harmonious way of life.

Through design, development, and introduction of Permaculture Science and Art Models, we paint a tapestry of possibilities. From Forest Gardens to Agriculture Systems, Aquaculture to Eco/Agro-tourism, Nature Immersion Tours to Alternative Building Workshops, our endeavors inspire awareness, experience, and visionary thinking.

ICS, Inc. and AIR stand as more than a physical entity but also as a state of mind, resonating from Walterboro to Edisto Island, South Carolina, Costa Rica, Central America and beyond. Our presence extends across borders to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common purpose – to embrace healthful living and creative expression as intertwined, inseparable forces.

There is immense potential in rewriting the narrative, infusing every stroke of the brush and every step on the land with essence of a mindful existence.

In this reinforcing loop, we access our innermost creativity; and as we manifest this, we gain deeper appreciation for the environment which provides for us. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, where balance and harmony illuminate the path towards a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come.

As an author, artist and permaculturalist, my creative endeavors are profoundly influenced by unity and balance cultivated with nature. It is through this connection I access inspiration, leading to literary works and artistic pieces resonating with life itself.

Immersing myself in the natural world, whether it be lush landscapes of Costa Rica or serene surroundings of Edisto Island, I open to the whispers of the universe. Symphony of the forest, rhythm of the ocean, and the dance of elements intertwine to spark a profound sense of oneness within.

In this state of unity, creativity flows deep within the unconscious mind. Art, coupled with a simple recognition of breathing, serves as a gateway, guiding towards archetypes and symbols which transcend language and speak to the core of human experience. Translating these universal truths onto canvas, paper or even the land, weaves a tapestry of emotions, dreams, and revelations mirroring the natural order.

The canvas becomes a sanctuary, where brushstrokes reflect the ebb and flow of life. Poetry comes from the pen, to illustrate an essence of existence in verses resonating with the heartbeat of nature. In this dance of creation, distinction between artist and art dissolves, and the artist becomes a conduit for beauty, horror and wisdom of the world.

In turn, this deep connection with nature enhances my role as a permaculture advocate and landowner. By understanding the delicate interplay of ecosystems, I can better design landscapes to coexist symbiotically with the environment. Nature infuses my creative works with a reverence for life, a sense of responsibility towards the planet, and an unwavering commitment to preservation.

Through my writings, I aim to share insight gleaned from these interactions. By conveying interconnectedness of all life forms and a need for mindful stewardship, I aspire to awaken a deeper sense of responsibility and care for our planet. Literary pieces become a call to action, urging individuals to embrace regenerative practices and protect the delicate balance of which we are part.

In essence, my journey as an author and artist intricately intertwines with reverence for the natural world. Standing at a crossroads of creativity and conservation, I find myself in a position of responsibility—to honor the beauty and wisdom through artistic expression and inspire others to do the same. For me, this path nurtures the soul, enriches my works, and imbues every movement with a timeless rhythm. Beyond whichever form of creative expression we choose to employ is understanding that we are the tools used to design the reality of our existence. Where we focus our energy, actions and non-actions is where we ultimately will Be.

It is my belief that our job, both individually and collectively, is to be conscious within the moment so each step we take along life’s path is imbued with a sense of integrity for the future.

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