Reflections Upon A Sunny Day

An Autobiography by Murderer and Death Row Escapee Fred H. Kornahrens III


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Fred H. Kornahrens III is one of South Carolina’s most famous criminals. He was condemned to death row and then, to the shock of the entire state, managed to escape. In the years that followed, people discussed Kornahrens’s story. Everyone had an opinion about the man, but few knew the truth. Now, he tells all in Reflections Upon a Sunny Day.

Scott grew up in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina when this tragedy took place. He remembers vividly this moment in time when it became not only local but a national news story. Before and after these events, Scott was friends with Fred’s eldest son Joseph Wilkerson Kornahrens who entrusted him with his father’s manuscripts and allowed him years to organize the material and present his father’s story to the world.

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