RecoverI Prosaics and Mosaics

Welcome to My Mind.


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Scott Steedley accidentScott wrote RecoverI after a 70 mph head-on collision with a Charleston, SC police officer. This happened in a very popular intersection and some of his high school mates were in the car with him and others were first on the scene which quickly grew into a public spectacle.

"Jaws of life" took 45 minutes to cut him from the vehicle and there was no pulse present for 3 minutes after his removal. Scott’s head was implanted two and a half feet into the dashboard causing third degree head injuries, amnesia and facial lacerations.

A Life Changing Event

The culmination of a history of events, this accident nearly cost him his life and instead reorganized it with a reality check taking him nearly a year to recover from.

Scott Steedley wreckIt forced change and opened a whole new realm of thought, a fresh way of looking at life and heightened sensibilities.

Metapsychological Art

RecoverI- Prosaics and Mosaics -Welcome To My Mind was a collaboration between Scott and William Woods Higgins. Bill was Scott’s college Philosophy professor, friend and accomplished painter who developed a simple yet profound style which he describes:

(from the forward) “As art, it is a tribal art, a primitive tribal art, a statement about tribal archetypes, a study of symbology in its most concrete characters and figures, within the dimension of Self/self.

As a philosophy, it is speculative metaphysics; basing its hypothesis upon an anthropolo­gy of Spirit, the principal/principle that substantiates the pre-reflective, as well as, the reflective orders that substantiate the phenomenology of shapes and their order in one's life world. It is a phenomenological method of description and explanation about the continuum, both physical and psychical, which animates one's life world. The concep­tual delineation of Spirit.

As a psychoanalytic method, it is a method of self-portraiture of the individual complex­es of the self, that has the potential to form and express the relations of archetypes (shapes/ideas) within the collective unconscious Self.

As a religious experience, it is the linking back to the ancestral spirits so fundamental in the shaping of the Organic Order and the Human Order. Freud would call these shapes of self, "countless egos capable of being inherited by the id, while Jung would call these symbols the archetypes of the collective unconscious.

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